Value chain

The essential concept underlying our successful development over the years is that of Value Chain. The LSW Group is an example of how this concept and its processes may be applied in a sustainable way to steel products. The manufacturing process is only the beginning and we are proud of investing in the development and consolidation of the processes that step by step add value to the raw material we recycle. This happened in the past through acquiring always increasing shares in companies such as Lech-Stahl Veredelung GmbH and Max Aicher Recycling GmbH. The first deals with the operation of refining and finishing steel bars through processes such as peeling and quench & tempering. The second is involved in the collection and preparation of iron scrap. The range of our offer to customers is completed by providing transport solutions by truck and train through two subsidiaries: Lechsped GmbH and Aicher Cargo GmbH.