A³ skilled personnel campaign

From the city of Augsburg with its urban flair to the rural lifestyle in the smaller towns and villages in the districts of Augsburg and Aichach-Friedberg, our region has a great deal to offer.

The initiative Wirtschaftsraum Augsburg (Augsburg’s Economic District) has started a skilled personnel campaign to bring nationwide attention to the great quality of life available in the region of Augsburg. To achieve this, employees from important companies in and around Augsburg are introduced and presented in print and TV reports.

Of course, as one of the largest employers in the Augsburg region, Lech-Stahlwerke is also taking part in this campaign.

The following employees were portrayed: Christiane Liebhard (Team Environmental Management, Water Protection Commissioner) Ph.D. Richard Nagy (Head of Casting).

Here you can find pictures and a movie (german version only) of the skilled personnel campaign:

You can find more information here: